Rikizo Fukao

Rikizo Fukao

1946 -, Japan

Autodidact Painter, Gumma Perfecture


Rikizo Fukao travels from Japan to Europe in 1971, where he works as a programmer for the International Workers Association in Geneva. In 1975 he debuts with a solo exhibition in the town of Annecy in south-eastern France.

Rikizo starts painting at 24 years of age, however, it is only after he settles down in Paris in 1971 that art becomes a full time occupation. After many years of living in Europe, working from his studio in Auvers-sur-Oise, he begins to miss his roots in Japan and decides to once again immerse himself in Japanese art. Rikizo currently lives and works from both Paris and Kyoto.

Rikizo combines a Franco-inspired abstraction with a disciplined approach and great respect for Japanese tradition. His artwork has strong ties with Eastern calligraphy, for instance, with the Kanjii-technique. Rikizo’s idiom is based on complex monochrome combinations; black/red, black/blue (every once in a while green) or red/red. The surface is never flat, but appears with a contrasting geometry where a balance of tension is created through a play between matte and shiny surfaces. The structure and materials play just as crucial a part as the colour.

Auverts sur Oise (n/a)
Oil on Canvas, 176x88 (x2) cm.


2012 Palais Benedictine Fecamp France
2011 Jouan-Gondouin Gallery St Germain en Laye France
2010 Simoncini Gallery Luxembourg with Sculptor Osamu Nakajima
2009 Kodaiji Temple Kyoto,Japon
Sanjyo-Gion Gallery Kyoto
2008 Nielsen Gallery Kolding Denmark
2007 Tamenaga Gallery Paris France
Château Royal de Blois Blois France
2006 Tenmaya Fukuyama Japon
2005 Tamenaga Gallery Osaka Japon
Tenmaya Okayama Japon
2004 Tamenaga Gallery Tokyo Japon
Kajima-KI bldg. Tokyo
2002 Château d’Auvers, Music Festival Auvers-sur-Oise France
Le Trait d’Union Neufchâteau France
2001 Miyabi Gallery Nagoya Japon
2000 Simoncini Gallery Luxembourg
1999 ABC Gallery Osaka Japon
1998 Dialogue Gallery Paris France
1992 SCAG Gallery Copenhagen Denmark
Petersen Gallery Thonon


1991 Ynguanzo Gallery Madrid Spain
Espace Swiss Air Geneva Switzerland
1990 J de V Gallery Göteborg Sweden
Boulv’Art Gallery Geneva Switzerland
1989 C Gallery Arhus Denmark
J de V Gallery Malmö Sweden
FIAC, Grand Palais Paris, with Sculptor Robert Jacobsen
1988 Bernard Letu Gallery Geneva Switzerland, with Kenji Yoshida
1987 Birch Gallery Copenhagen Denmark
1986 FIAC, Grand Palais Paris, with Sculptor Lovato
Numaga Gallery Auvernier Switzerland
1984 Petersen Gallery Thonon France
1983 Hall de L’île organized by Geneva Switzerland
1982 32 Gallery Lyon France
1979 Aujourd’hui Gallery Geneva Switzerland
1977 CAC Gallery Nernier France
1976 W Gallery Annemasse France
32 Gallery Lyon France
1975 Annecy Museum, France
Dédale Gallery Geneva Switzerland
Henri Meyer Gallery Lausanne Switzerland