Galerie Birch, which opened in 1946, is the oldest modern art gallery in Denmark. It was founded by Børge Birch who became a leading art dealer in Europe and is particularly acknowledged for the work with the CoBrA movement: artists such as Jorn, Alechinsky, Appel, Corneille and Reinhoud. Galerie Birch is also known for its collaboration with other artists who were friends of Asger Jorn, including Walasse Ting, Voss, Messagier, Bengt Lindström, Yasse Tabuchi and many more, whose works of art can currently be seen in many of the world’s major museums.

Anette Birch

A forward from Anette Birch, owner of the gallery since 1994

The process of reopening Galerie Birch took a long time and was the result of careful and measured considerations.

It goes without saying that I was rather jittery about daring to tread in my father’s footsteps, him having been the well-reputed, widely known art dealer and great personality that  he was. The Galerie is pleased to present a small portion of that magnificent world which for 47 years belonged to Børge Birch.

Works of art speak their own distinctive and powerful language. Today, many of you will give a nod of recognition when you look over and inspect the pieces once again. But, as so often is the case, pictures are exhibited and obtained or sold at a point in time where at none or very few had any appreciation of abstract art.

The art collectors who display their works of art in Galerie Birch are individuals who should be admired for their foresight and courage. The encountering of art, not unlike life itself, is frequently fortuitous, coincidental. It is therefore that I have chosen to allow each of the collectors individually to recount a little anecdote as to how they and Børge Birch came across each other upon first meeting. It is with the greatest of pleasure, joy, and delight that I am privileged to bid you a most hearty and cordial welcome to our history.

Anette Birch


Georges Braque 1948
Asger Jorn 1948-50-53-55-61-62
Deyrolle 1949-54
Corneille 1949-67
Alechinsky 1964-68-70-72-73-75
Karel Appel 1949-71-83
Poliakoff 1950
Robert Jacobsen 1951-60-67-80-83-84-86-87
Christoforou 1966-72-76-80-99-2008-11
Soulages 1951-79
Klar Form, Charlottenborg 1951
Picasso 1952
Nolde 1953
Kunsten, Charlottenborg 1954-55

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen 1960-63-72-73-76
Walasse Ting 1960-63-70-75-80-81
Reinhoud 1961-65-69-73-77-85-86
Bitran 1961-64-65-74-79
Messagier 1962-66-77-79
Bengt Lindström 1965-70-75-77-83
Jan Voss 1965-69-70-2011
Bram van Velde 1966-79
Marfaing 1967-75
Ipousteguy 1967
Carl Henning Pedersen 1974-81-83-84-85-86-87
FIAC, Paris 1981-83-84-85-86-87
Paris-Copenhagen (Den Frie) 1981
Estéve 1988

Uffe Christoffersen 1995-97-2001-05-07-2010
Yoshio Nakajima 1996-99-2005-07

Jacqueline De Jong 2003 Art Strasbourg 1999-2001-02-03-04
Art Paris 2001-04
Art Stockholm 2004
Arte Fiera 2000-07
Asger Jorn 2007-08
Alechinsky 2008